Stories of the Harem, an elegant and surprising show that puts a contemporary spin on the indigenous elements of belly dancing.


Stories of the Harem tells the story of the kidnapping of Tutku during her wedding, immersing us in the life of the Harem that she is fatally dragged into. The harem is comprised of women from different areas of the East, each of them engrossed in a past that has been abruptly cut short.

Through their characteristic dances, these solitary lives will gradually be weaved together into a plot whose backdrop is the daily life of the harem, and there is no shortage of intrigue, potions and spells, but we also find a sense of fraternal support which offers a shared destiny.

  • Year of creation: 2014
  • Duration: 100 min
  • Direction, choreography, casting and idea: Sara Guirado
  • Cast: Professional dancers from the Sara Guirado Dance School.


Photos from the Stories of the Harem Show by Sara Guirado

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