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The most famous viral dance star in the world

Sara Guirado is a benchmark figure in belly dance and a pioneer in introducing Arabic dance to theatres in Spain. Her work as a choreographer has led her to achieve successes such as “Stories of the Harem”, a proposal that combines tradition and renewal in belly dance that has garnered great acclaim from both critics and the public.

Known in the media as the “the viral dancer” or “the most famous dancer in the world” due to the fact that one of her videos on YouTube became the most watched worldwide in the belly dance category, accumulating more than 45 million views.

Sara has performed and given workshops around the world. A restless and curious character, she has shared her art on stages and in schools in the United States, Egypt, Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, the Seychelles and different countries in Europe, dancing in dance and music events, or at big events such as when she was hired by Sean Penn as a guest artist at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. Her continuos work with live music has led her to be the dancer of different groups such as Speed Caravan or the famous singer Rachid Taha. Her travels have enabled her to mature on an artistic and personal level, and have attracted the interest of the press, radio and national international television networks such as Telemundo in Chicago, the Agencia EFE in Cuba, El Mundo in Spain, “El programa de Ana Rosa” on Telecinco and La 2 on Spanish National Television and Cadena Ser, among many others.

Sara´s repertoire includes everything from Arabic folklore to the most contemporary Arab fusions, and it takes inspiration from other disciplines such as flamenco, classic Indian dance, percussion, Zaar and whirling dervishes, that she has not stopped training in, researching and experimenting with since the start of her career.

Her passion, curiosity, discipline and love for her art have turned her into a staunch defender of the power of dance as a vehicle for personal growth and self-knowledge. Her artistic discourse, which moves away from stereotypes, is founded on a strong commitment to and assertion of innovation in belly dance without losing touch with the discipline´s roots and traditions.

Sara combines her career as a dancer and choreographer with her work as a teacher. She runs her own school which is located in the city of Valencia, the “Sara Guirado Dance School”.


She is known as the “viral dancer” or the “most famous dancer in the world” as one of her videos on YouTube has amassed more than 45 million views.


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