The Sara Guirado Dance Company” (previously named Aromas de Oriente), was established in 2004, and is pioneering in Spain as an Arabic dance company.

It has carried out shows in Spain and abroad. On a national level, among other shows, it opened the “Mediterranean Games” in Almeria. The school´s dancers were responsible for representing the Arab world at the “Alcorcon Folklore Festival”. As a result of a new show in Santander, the dancers were interviewed by the newspaper “El País”. Internationally, among others, the dancers have performed at the Perla casino, in Slovenia, which is the largest in Europe. They also performed at the 1001 Nights event of Orlov jewellery in Nice, and at different events in Thailand.

The shows combine new trends with the most indigenous and genuine aspects of belly dance, thus preserving its identity through the numerous folk dances of the different regions of the Middle East. The richly elaborate costumes and the variety of elements used gives the shows a great visual impact that makes them really appealing. There are also fusions with other dances such as flamenco and creations based on other themes such as Indian and Tahitian dances.

The company adjust to the different needs of each show, it can adjust the number of dancers, the costumes, features, etc. It is also possible to provide entertainment for the public if the aim is to offer a more “free-and-easy” event, which was the case with the now well-known “open classes” of the Festival of the Nations in the city of Valencia.

There are shows with a closed format, please visit Stories of the Harem and watch the Harakat videos.